"I don't have words in my dictionary to say thanks but you changed my life entirely. It was the best day of my life seeing you, after suffering for almost two decades. I have seen many doctors before but no one has a single clue what's wrong with me. Your advice and suggested supplements entirely brought me out from the painful and depressed life I was living. I felt so well from the first day I followed your advice.  I am now full of a lot energy which I never had.  I was on the edge of my life but now I can see I have a very beautiful life ahead and have a lot to do for myself and my family.  I have beautiful plans and dreams to fulfill, without your help these were not possible*."

JS Auckland, New Zealand

"Dr Janelle was so incredibly helpful! She is worth every cent. She has such a passion for helping people and that showed so much during her time working with me. She gets to the core of the problem, the cellular and genetic level… where most health professionals simply can't. I am so grateful to have my life back Janelle, I really would call you a life saver. I went from the diagnosis of severe postnatal depression (PND), severe depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic fatigue and major panic attacks (sometimes 8 a day where I couldn't even get up or walk around without being out of breath or lethargic, shaking etc) to having energy like never before and being able to run around with my 2 precious boys. All our family and friends saying; "woooow, it's a miracle, you look amazing." I can't find the words to describe how amazing Janelle has been and what she has done for our family*."​

FG Hamilton, New Zealand 

"I just want to say a big thank you for all your help with my son who had suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts for many years before we got your help. After a very thorough consultation and blood tests, and the natural minerals you prescribed, we couldn't believe the difference they made, and in such a short period of time. It has been life changing*."

AP Whangarei, New Zealand

"I can highly recommend Dr Janelle, her methods and approach to treating minor depression issues.  If it wasn't for Janelle my wife and I would likely not have married.  Janelle discovered though testing a minor hormonal imbalance in my wife's (girlfriend at the time) body that through natural methods was able to be re stabilized.  My wife still follows Janelle's treatment advice and finds that it brings her a more stable frame of mind.  I can't recommend Janelle enough as we have both seen first hand how her expertise in this area has produced outstanding and even life changing results*."

DK Auckland, New Zealand

"I was recommended Dr Janelle by a friend when I was in a really bad place with my health and mental well being. Janelle has literally changed my life. My anxiety has all but gone and I feel so healthy physically.  I would absolutely recommend Janelle 100%*."

NT Auckland, New Zealand.

"Dr Janelle has been a great source of help and encouragement over the time I have been with her. Although I am still yet to recover I have seen some improvement and am confident that with Janelle's help we will get to the bottom of what is causing my mental health issues. I have been to so many different health practitioners over the years and tried so many things I wish I had found Janelle earlier. With Janelle you know it's not about the money she really does care and want to see you well. I would recommend her to anyone who suffers with mental health issues*."

HB Auckland, New Zealand.

"I have suffered severe depression for over 18 years, leading eventually to a major breakdown and admissions into a psychiatric hospital. In the blackness, grief and pain of yet another long depressive episode a friend passed on Dr Janelle's book "Depression and Anxiety Management Techniques". Through reading this book, and then having consultations with Dr Janelle, my life has been amazingly impacted. Through taking two supplements and making some diet changes, I have been astounded at what I can now do. In the last six months I have begun to learn Maori, enjoyed being at the birth of my first grandchild, sat with a friend and his family as he died and helped at his tangi (Maori Funeral). I have easily participated in my brother's 50th birthday party (about 60 people were there) and have just returned from 4 days of tramping on the Heaphy Track for which I organised everything on my own (booking flights, accomodation, buses, equipment). In the past just one of these events would honestly have led to a relapse, and admission to a psych ward. The difference in my life continues to astound me*."​

AS Northland, New Zealand. 

*Please note that each client responds differently, and these testimonials may not necessarily reflect a typical experience. Each person has different physical, psychological, cultural and spiritual factors contributing to their unwellness, and therefore will respond differently to therapy.