A Natural Approach to Resolving Depression & Anxiety

Yes, I want to learn how to overcome my depression and anxiety naturally

During this training you will discover

  • How it is possible to resolve depression and anxiety naturally

  • The underlying physical causes of low mood, brain fog and anxiety

  • Key blood tests, optimal results and therapeutic supplement dosages specifically for mental health

  • How optimising your diet, supporting your gut health, treating deficiencies and balancing your hormones can unlock better mental wellness

  • Simple diet, lifestyle and supplements to help you feel more happy, balanced and motivated

Gina Wilson.

Naturopath specialising in childhood health, learning and behaviour.

"How lucky we are to have Dr Janelle Sinclair produce this amazing webinar Course. Dr Sinclair is an expert in this area and delivers her up to date knowledge in a way people can clearly understand and follow. I have no doubt this information will be life changing for some people. I have always referred my own clients to explore Dr Janelle's work and I'm excited that they will now be able to access this webinar course."

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Do you feel overwhelmed?

Do you not know where to start when it comes to your mental health? 

Or do you think natural medicine sounds great, but wonder if it is safe and effective?

Imagine this...

In a few weeks you'll wake up in the morning feeling rested and refreshed. You’ll look forward to taking on the day, knowing you have the motivation and more than enough energy to pursue your passions. 


The foggy brain you’ve battled with for far too long will have become clear and you’ll be able to focus and complete your work with ease. 

When you look in the mirror you’ll feel positive and good about yourself. When you’re with the ones you love, you’ll feel present and able to connect with them in a way you haven’t for a long time. 

You may feel like this is just a pipedream. But I’m telling you that it is possible to achieve this. I have worked with hundreds of clients, many who had suffered for literally decades before seeing me, and I have seen their lives turned around. I want to share with you all my most simple and effective natural strategies that have worked wonders for them... Through Real Relief I could help you achieve the same results. 

The biochemical causes of

depression and anxiety are overlooked.

Throughout the 15 years that I’ve been working in the natural medicine industry I’ve come to realise that nutritional deficiencies, adverse reactions to food, poor gut health, hormonal imbalances and genetic weaknesses can be major causes of depression and anxiety. 

It’s true that our mental health requires a holistic approach, consisting of biological, psychological and spiritual approaches... but I firmly believe that the biochemical causes are overlooked far too often. 


Many factors can be easily identified and treated, resulting in improved mood, greater vitality and increased energy levels.The problem is that most doctors don’t investigate the imbalances before prescribing antidepressant medications.

Hi, I'm Dr. Janelle Sinclair, and I want to be your guide to

getting your life back on track.

Hi, I'm Dr. Janelle Sinclair, biochemist and natural medicine practitioner. For over 15 years I’ve been working in the natural medicine industry with a PhD in biochemistry, a postgraduate certificate in mental health, numerous natural medicine accreditations. I have consulted with hundreds of clients specifically in the area of depression and anxiety. 

I've helped my clients go from feeling hopeless and that life wasn't worth living, to having more energy, going back to work, enjoying their families and being excited about what the future holds.

It got me thinking that more people need to learn about what can work for them. We are all so different. I have now made it my mission to help people learn what supplement or diet they need.  It breaks my heart to think that you are struggling with distressing symptoms that affect you every day, when it might be possible to turn your life around with a natural approach that works for you. 

All the best,


While working in my clinic, I've found that there can be dramatic changes for some women in a short period of time as a result of dietary change and/or supplementation, while for others, it could be a slow and steady improvement in emotions, stamina and motivation.

Through my YouTube channel and social media pages I've been able to reach thousands of people and teach them what I know. Through Real Relief I will be able to.... 

Natural strategies are safe and effective for mental health.

Many people wonder whether natural supplements are safe to take alongside antidepressant medication. Out of the supplements that I frequently recommend for mental health, 12% of them are not recommended to be taken with antidepressants. The other 88% are absolutely safe alongside these medications.You may be surprised to find that some of these nutrients can actually make antidepressants more effective if combined together. It’s in the scientific literature!


Is this program right for you?

The Real Relief program was designed for people with any level of depression or anxiety. If you’re ready to investigate and address the underlying biochemical causes of your symptoms, regain your strength, and find a real solution for lifelong mental health and happiness, then this program will be a great fit for you.

This program is perfect for anyone with*:

  • Newly diagnosed depression (mild, moderate or severe)

  • Long-term depression

  • Dysthymia 

  • Anxiety

  • Panic attacks

  • Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)

  • Postnatal depression or anxiety

  • Perinatal depression or anxiety

  • Is on antidepressant medication

  • Or is aiming to reduce their antidepressant medication

*We highly recommend that you talk to your medical doctor or a health-care professional about your mental health, especially if it is severe. In this course we will discuss antidepressant medications, however if it is your desire to reduce your antidepressant medications we always suggest doing it under the guidance of your prescribing medical doctor.

​You don't have to settle for a lifetime of antidepressants.

By getting to the root cause, you can live a happy life, reclaim your energy and motivation, and feel better than ever before.

"I believe that mental health needs a holistic approach  - body, soul and spirit - and that the most overlooked cause of depression and anxiety is biochemical."

- Dr. Janelle Sinclair

​"It was the best day of my life seeing you, after suffering for almost two decades. Your advice and suggested supplements entirely brought me out from the painful and depressed life I was living. I felt so well from the first day I followed your advice. I was on the edge of my life but now I can see I have a very beautiful life ahead and have a lot to do for myself and my family. I have beautiful plans and dreams to fulfill, without your help these were not possible."

JS, Auckland, NZ

Some of the people I've helped along the way...

"Thank you, Dr. Janelle, for giving my boys their mum back".

 - Fallon Grimmer, NZ

"I was suffering from anxiety and low mood during my pregnancy. I was off work for months and life felt hopeless. I thought that antidepressant medications were the only option for me. I saw Dr Janelle and the supplements she prescribed have changed my life. I was back to work within 3 weeks, was able to work throughout my pregnancy and had no problem with postnatal depression. I now feel healthy as ever and I don’t have depression or anxiety. Dr Janelle has looked after me well and I don’t have enough words to say thank you."

- NK, Hamilton, NZ


Course Overview


Module One

To start off with I’ll give you an overview of this unique program. For a bit of background, I’ll explain the overlooked but vital role of biochemical (physical) imbalances in mental health. 


Getting started: 

  • A Review of the most Important Blood & Genetic Tests that you NEED to get done

  • Some important lifestyle habits to incorporate on a daily and weekly basis

  • The one thing you shouldn’t be doing and the one thing you should be doing if you have anxiety

  • Diet basics to start incorporating​

  • The safety of antidepressant medication and supplements

  • Coming off antidepressant medication: the safe way


Welcome to Real Relief!

Module Two

This week we'll learn about:​

  • How food affects your mood

  • One of the most anxiety and panic attack triggering foods

  • The most inflammatory and depression-causing food for the brain

  • Foods that can clear up brain-fog fast

  • Why intermittent fasting is not right for those with anxiety and panic attacks

  • The major signs and symptoms that reveal you shouldn’t be eating dairy products

  • The most important components to a brain-healthy, happy diet


PLUS: Menu planning, recipes and practical tips to get you started

Module Two

Optimise Your Diet

For more energy & happiness

Module Three

Support Gut health

For a calmer, more energetic you

This week, we’ll discuss:

  • How gut health affects mental health

  • How to assess the importance of your gut health in your journey

  • A test that every doctor should perform for clients with poor energy, depression, and body aches but that so frequently gets overlooked

  • The simple, seven-part system to heal your gut

  • The best foods to improve your gut health

  • Which probiotics are scientifically shown to improve depression

  • Six sImple daily gut-healing practises to incorporate into your life, that can fit into any schedule or budget 

Resolve Nutritional Deficiencies

Part One

This week I’ll teach you about:

  • Why vitamins and minerals are fundamental to our mental health

  • Why we have these deficiencies

  • Optimal versus “normal” blood test results and why interpreting your results correctly could be a game-changer

  • Why many deficiencies are overlooked

  • The symptoms and causes of three key nutrient deficiencies in mental health

  • A vitamin deficiency revealed that leads to a lowered response to antidepressant medications, prolonged depression episodes and more severe depression

  • The reason why vegan and vegetarian diets aren’t right for everyone

  • Why some people need more of these two key vitamins than others

  • A key genetic weakness that can lead to devastating depression, infertility and migraines. I’ll teach you how to compensate for it easily and safely to resolve these issues

Module Four

Resolve Nutritional Deficiencies

Part Two

Continuing on from the last module, this week I’ll teach you about​...

  • Symptoms and causes of a further three nutritional deficiencies that can impact anxiety, stress management, energy levels and even weight gain

  • One mineral overload that can lead to anxiety, panic attacks and psychosis 

  • A nutrient deficiency that runs in families, which can lead to worrying or even mental illness. It can be so easily resolved with just one supplement 

  • A vitamin deficiency that affects at least 40% of the population. When you’re deficient in this, it can lead to fatigue or even psychosis 

  • How the oral contraceptive pill may be the cause of your anxiety 

  • Therapeutic dosages and supplement recommendations specifically for resolving depression and anxiety

Module Five

Balance your hormones

To boost your mood and resilience

This week is all about…

  • How burnout can lead to depression and anxiety

  • 8 tips to resolve adrenal stress and improve adrenal health

  • How hormonal changes during your menstrual cycle, after childbirth or during peri-menopause can contribute to depression and anxiety

  • The link between stress and premenstrual symptoms (PMS)

  • The difference between synthetic and natural hormones

  • Optimal thyroid test results

  • The most overlooked adrenal support and fatigue supplement

  • My secret key for resolving panic attacks, anxiety and depression

Module Six

Moving Forward

To wrap things up, we'll talk about...

  • Streamlining your supplements

  • Coming off your antidepressants safely

  • What to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed

  • Other options you have if you haven’t experienced the results that you’re after

  • The best integrative medicine tests and how to find a practitioner

Module Seven

Are you ready to change your life?

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amazing ability to teach people how to help their own health

The Natural Approach to Resolving Depression and Anxiety


7 weekly webinar calls LIVE with Dr. Janelle (starting Monday 21st October 2019 at 7:30pm NZT (2:30am EST))

Video replays for each teaching and Q&A module

Weekly worksheets, checklists and/or questionnaires to help integrate your learning

Menu guide and recipe ideas

Supplement recommendations & dosage guide

Recommended blood tests to get done through your doctor

Another BONUS question and answer session LIVE with Dr. Janelle

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