Here's a special message for anyone that wants to heal their depression or anxiety naturally, but doesn't know where to start, or is overwhelmed by it all.

As someone who has taught thousands of people around the world to treat the overlooked physical causes of poor mental health, I'm here to tell you the TRUTH about what you need to know if you want to heal depression and anxiety naturally!


Many people suffer from the idea that counseling and antidepressant medications are the only way to treat low mood and anxiety.


But nothing could be further from the truth.


But before we get into that, let me share

a quick story with you...

There I was, a young girl in her early twenties living in Auckland, New Zealand, and I was just finishing up my Masters in molecular biology and planning to move to Switzerland for my PhD.


And you know what happened?


Yip you're right. I met a boy (Let's call him Josh)

It was a case of first love really. He was an intelligent man, he was deep and perceptive and I had never connected or talked with someone so easily in my entire life. But unfortunately, for him, he struggled with chronic fatigue and depression.


So as you can imagine... as the newness of the relationship wore off, and the realities of this situation set in, there were a few strains on our relationship.

What I wanted most was to see him feeling happy. For him to find his spark and feel the joy of life again. For us to be able to build a life together.


I was a scientist and a researcher, and all I wanted to do was find out how we could treat this chronic fatigue and depression. But I was struggling with knowing what to do and who to get advice from. It was at the very beginning of the internet at that time and there was very little information around, so we had very few options.


To be honest the whole thing made me feel pretty helpless. Because I wanted to help him. To solve the problem. To feel like I was good enough.


Then we went to see his medical doctor and asked him about what we could do about chronic fatigue. And I just remember him saying chronic fatigue and depression is all in your head, and all he had to offer was antidepressant medication.


Then a few months later after moving to Switzerland for my PhD, by chance (or rather divine guiding I believe)...

Something Amazing Happened!

I went into a book shop in Basel, Switzerland and everything changed.


I was browsing the English book section (which was not very big at all) and I came across a book called Depression Free Naturally.


And I remember it clearly saying "depression is not all in your head".


That was the complete opposite to what the doctor told me!

It went on to say that "there are dozens of biochemical mistakes that can cause bleak depression and anxiety, as well as chronic fatigue."


The book talked about how vitamin and mineral deficiencies, food intolerances, poor gut health, hormones and genetics can all impact mental health.

This book changed the direction of my life. It started an insatiable interest in learning about the root biochemical causes that impact energy levels, mood and anxiety.


So I decided to learn everything that I could about natural medicine so I could help heal my man. I got so into it that after finishing my PhD, I changed my career focus and went and worked for supplement and natural hormone companies as a research writer and technical consultant. But it wasn't clear sailing...


We still had to deal with information overwhelm. I would learn about the new thing and get excited and believe it was going to be the miracle for him and we'd try to implement it...


Then I'd discover the next new thing, and the next new thing, until Josh would end up "rattling" with dozens and dozens of supplements, and it was costing us a small fortune following fancy diets and getting expensive testing done.


We definitely made progress in Josh's health, and we were on the right path. But I now recognise that although he was on a lot of the RIGHT SUPPLEMENTS they were often taken at the WRONG DOSES.

In the end Josh and I broke up. We just weren't the right people for each other, but our relationship had propelled me into the world of natural medicine and mental health, and for that I'm forever grateful.


Over the last 15 years I've continued to work in the natural medicine field, taken professional courses in natural medicine, bioidentical hormones, genetics, and mental health, as well as completed a postgraduate certificate in mental health. I've also worked with hundreds of private clients for over 6 years helping them get back their spark and motivation for life. For some of these strong but struggling individuals it was a last ditch attempt to feel happy again (or for the very first time in their lives).

Through this journey I've discovered over 30 different deficiencies and imbalances that can cause or contribute to depression and anxiety.


I've also come to realise that many people don't know that there are natural options for treating depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue. Or if they did, they are completely overwhelmed by the technical information, the share amount of options to choose from and don't know where to start.

I don't want people to have to go through the hard work that I did, make all the same mistakes and spend small fortunes and decades to get well.


And that's why I'm so excited to offer you:

"Real Relief Foundations"


With Real Relief Foundations I have created an easy to follow system, that helps uncover and treat the physical causes of depression and anxiety naturally, that removes all the overwhelm and can be easily worked through in just over 8 hours!


"Real Relief Foundations" makes it simple for you to:

  • optimise your diet so that you fuel your body and mind

  • address food sensitivities for lower anxiety and a better night sleep

  • identify and treat poor gut health that could be the root cause of your foggy, anxious or tired brain

  • test for and treat vitamin and mineral deficiencies that could be keeping you wired or tired

  • help you streamline your supplements so you're not rattling and you're confident that your body actually needs them

... and much, MUCH more!


And what makes this even better?

Now you won’t have to spend huge amounts of time researching natural medicine for mental health or worrying about whose information you can actually trust!


Which also means you're not going to end up on dozens and dozens of supplements that your body doesn’t need or end up taking supplements at the wrong dose.


And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "Real Relief Foundations" in 6 weeks or less.

So again, if you're someone who wants to have increased energy, greater happiness and more resilience, understand this:


  • Natural strategies are effective for healing depression and anxiety...

  • You deserve to give yourself the life that you and your family desire...

  • The Real Relief system is easy to follow and can help you get your body and mind back to balance...

Is this program right for you?

The Real Relief program was designed for people with any level of low mood or anxiety. If you’re ready to find the root causes of your symptoms, regain your strength, and find a real solution for lifelong mental health and happiness, then this program will be a great fit for you.

This program is perfect for anyone with*:

  • Newly diagnosed depression (mild, moderate or severe)

  • Long-term depression

  • Low energy and poor motivation

  • Dysthymia (on-going persistent low mood)

  • Anxiety (mild, moderate or severe)

  • Panic attacks

  • Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)

  • Postnatal depression or anxiety

  • Perinatal depression or anxiety

  • Is on antidepressant medication

  • Or is aiming to reduce their antidepressant medication

*We highly recommend that you talk to your medical doctor or a health-care professional about your mental health, especially if it is severe or you have suicidal thoughts. In this course we will discuss antidepressant medications, however if it is your desire to reduce your antidepressant medications we always suggest doing it under the guidance of your prescribing medical doctor.


​You don't have to settle for a lifetime of antidepressants.

By getting to the root cause, you can live a happy life, reclaim your energy and motivation, and feel better than ever before.

But don't just take my word for it...

Here's what people just like you

are saying about Real Relief and Dr Janelle


After taking the course and making the recommended changes my energy levels improved about 50%. Even though I have my days of low energy. They seem to be getting shorter and more distant as time goes by. My mood has been tremendously great.... I am more upbeat and more willing to socialize.


As for happiness I've noticed since, Happiness is beginning to occur and it feels so weird at times. I wasn't really sure what it was. It seems the feeling and emotions were new to me and they feel great especially when I feel happy in back to back days.


I have NOT experienced any panic attacks since i began supplementing, My Anxiety is literally controllable, it does creep up but I have the energy to combat it and I'm able to mentally defuse it and that's literally the greatest feeling ever. My mood shifts have decreased as well and I'm able to catch myself and make a mental decision to not go down that path.  I have grown and feel more resilient and I'm able to cope and manage. I have not had any panic attacks in traffic or major anxiety I cant control at work.


By taking the course I found out I’m severely deficient in Vitamin D and have genetic hemochromatosis. My doctor has now done a full blood work and I've now been referred on to specialists.


What I enjoyed most about the course was learning that vitamins deficiencies play a role in mental health. It was empowering to know that Doctors like yourself believe and have proven that deficiencies can cause mental health issues. The documentation was great to have and the vitamins options you gave us such as high cost and low cost options. 


I signed up to the course because of the gut health portion. That really was an eye opener. I currently take probiotics. And when my gut feels AWESOME I feel LIBERATED..................

Juan, Los Angeles

Participant of the Real Relief course

Hi Dr Janelle,


I just wanted to let you know about my 11 year old daughters progress since completing the Real Relief course. When I signed up for the course, I was desperate to find help for my extremely anxious daughter who had been having ongoing problems with stomach pain for a couple of years.


After doing the blood tests you suggested, we were able to identify that she was not at her optimum levels for a number of minerals and that her gut health was not good. With your help I was able to identify what she was lacking in and replace it with supplements at the dosage she required. I also put her on the low fodmap diet that you mentioned, which seemed to make a huge difference within a week. The change has been amazing, she is no longer having panic attacks and is happier and more settled than she has been in a long time. I was able to complete the fodmap challenge with her and she is now back on a normal diet, just excluding a few foods which we now know her stomach cant handle.


Thank you for all the knowledge you shared with me, it has helped me get my happy and healthy daughter back!




Anna, NZ

Participant of the Real Relief course

I would definitely recommend the Real Relief course for anyone who is struggling with anxiety or depression and is open or prefers a natural approach to healing. Although the biochemist Dr.Janelle Sinclair is a natural medicine practitioner, she doesn't go  into the esoteric new age practices (energies, homeopathy etc) but stays on the scientific, measurable side which I think is not easy to find in the natural health scene.


Dr.Janelle Sinclair is a very warm person and is open to cooperate with your regular health practitioner/doctor (more than one side approach). She will also kindly answer all your questions which is very helpful since the course is suitable for people who are either newbies in the health world but also for those who have advanced knowledge in natural health remedies/approaches. Another positive thing about Dr.Sinclair is her willingness to learn new things-she is not the type of health practitioner who sticks stubbornly only to her own knowledge but she tries to keep up to date and always learn.


The course really helps the patient to systematically do the necessary tests and proceed with supplements that are needed. Dr.Sinclairs approach is not to take as many supplements as possible but rather to focus on the ones that are really helpful - so you have always an overview and are motivated to keep going on this journey of recovery. The pricing is also fair, I'm usually quite sceptic of these online courses since they promise a lot but are not worth the money!


Thanks so much again for making the Real Relief course-would do it again!

Marina, Europe

Participant of the Real Relief course

"I had done a lot of research on my own before finding your course, and was not able to find anywhere close to the level of detail that you provided... Since putting into affect your suggestions, I feel significantly better than I have in recent memory... Thank you for this information, it really is life-changing!"



"Thank you, Dr. Janelle, for giving my boys their mum back".

Fallon Grimmer



YouTube Follower


Instagram Follower

Gina Wilson.

Naturopath specialising in childhood health, learning and behaviour.

​"How lucky we are to have Dr Janelle Sinclair produce this amazing online Course. 


Dr Sinclair is an expert in this area and delivers her up to date knowledge in a way people can clearly understand and follow. I have no doubt this information will be life changing for some people. I have always referred my own clients to explore

Dr Janelle's work and I'm excited that they will now be able to access this online course."

Are you ready to change your life?


Get Onboard With

"Real Relief Foundations- the revolutionary system for resolving depression and anxiety naturally"

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With

Real Relief Foundations

The Real Relief Foundations Masterclass

  • This 6 module online video course is the shortcut to systematically uncovering the root biochemical causes of your depression and anxiety.

  • Learn how optimising your diet, addressing food intolerances, supporting gut health and treating nutritional deficiencies can change everything!

  • Implement this easy to follow system to feel happy, calm and energised once again (or for the very first time).

Course Overview

Module 1

Welcome to Real Relief (Value $97)

  • Underlying biochemical causes of depression and anxiety explained

  • A review of the most important blood tests that you NEED to get done

  • The one thing you shouldn’t be doing if you have anxiety

  • Staying safe if you combine antidepressant medication and natural supplements

  • Coming off antidepressant medication: the safe way (and not to do it yet)

Module 2

Optimise Your Diet ($197)

  • 5 ways a quality diet can reduce depression and anxiety (and scientific evidence to back it up too!)

  • Review YOUR diet with our questions and guidelines

  • 8 dietary keys to enhance mental wellbeing (and how to implement them easily)

  • How to get enough nutrients to make your neurotransmitter brain chemicals (for a balanced calm and healthy mind)

  • Learn about one of the most anxiety and panic attack triggering foods

  • An easy way to plan your every meal! (and meet your nutritional needs)

Module 3

Address Food Sensitivities (Value $197)

  • Foods that can clear up brain-fog fast

  • The major signs and symptoms that reveal you shouldn’t be eating dairy products

  • The most inflammatory and depression-causing food for the brain (and yes you should be avoiding this food for good)

  • A test that every doctor should perform for clients with poor energy, depression, and body aches but that so frequently gets overlooked

  • A secret key to resolving anxiety and low blood sugars (that I've never revealed before!)

  • Hints to manage food sensitivities and not end up on a highly restrictive diet

Module 4

Support Gut Health (Value $197)

  • 5 ways in which poor gut health can cause depression and anxiety

  • 12 questions to ask yourself which reveal whether you need to consider gut health as a cause of your poor mental health

  • The simple, five-part system to heal your gut

  • Which probiotics are scientifically shown to improve depression

  • Why many gut healing protocols don’t work. Have you missed this key?

  • Six daily gut-healing dietary and lifestyle practises to incorporate into your life, that can fit into any schedule or budget 

Module 5

Resolve Nutritional Deficiencies (Value $397)

  • The symptoms and causes of 8 key nutrient deficiencies that are involved in poor mental health

  • Optimal versus “normal” blood test results and why interpreting your results correctly could be a game-changer

  • Discover a vitamin deficiency that affects at least 40% of the population. When you’re deficient in this, it can lead to fatigue, depression and even psychosis 

  • A vitamin deficiency revealed that leads to a lowered response to antidepressant medications, prolonged depression episodes and more severe depression

  • Low levels of this mineral leads to a higher risk of depression and anxiety (and I’ll teach you some keys to getting this into your diet easily at the levels you NEED)

  • A nutrient deficiency that runs in families, which can lead to worrying or even mental illness. It can be so easily resolved with just one supplement 

  • Therapeutic dosages and supplement recommendations specifically for resolving depression and anxiety

Module 6

Moving Forward (Value $97)

  • Streamlining your supplements including troubleshooting and retesting

  • Coming off your antidepressants safely

  • What to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed

  • The best comprehensive integrative medical tests that I use with nearly all of my clients

  • And more keys to moving forward

ACT NOW And Get These Incredible Bonuses!

BONUS #1: The Real Relief Foundations Workbook ($29 value)

  • This beautiful workbook makes it simple to work through the Real Relief Foundations Masterclass without overwhelm

  • Record all your most important Real Relief information in one place - answers to revealing questionnaires & blood test results

  • Identify weekly aims to progress through the Real Relief Foundations Masterclass and motivate you to implement these life changing strategies. 

BONUS #2: The Real Relief Real Food Planner ($49 value)

  • The Real Relief Real Food planner outlines the 8 essential keys for enhanced mental health and provides you with a simple strategy to plan your meals

  • Get a better understanding of what foods are rich in zinc, vitamin B12, iron and 6 other keys nutrients for mental health (this is particularly important if your blood tests show that you have a deficiency)

  • Complete with over 24 delicious meal ideas including healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Feel confident about what you are eating. Learn what to eat with no confusion or overwhelm.

BONUS #3: Exclusive LIVE Q&A sessions with Dr Janelle Sinclair each month ($589 value)

  • Each month (for 6 months) during this live webinar call you will have the opportunity to ask any burning questions about the Real Relief Foundations Masterclass content

  • Connect with Dr Janelle Sinclair regularly to encourage you in your journey. Thus avoiding any procrastination or confusion

  • Move forward confidently in treating any underlying causes of your low mood or anxiety.

FAST ACTION BONUS: The Real Relief Supplement Guide ($297 value)

  • This guide makes it easy for you to understand which supplements your body needs based on your blood test results

  • Know which supplements to take at THERAPEUTIC dosages (now there's no confusion about how much to take, or when to take them)

  • Feel at ease that the supplements you start are safe alongside the medication you are on.

One more thing...

I believe in “Real Relief Foundations” 

so much that I offer a…

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I think this is the most thorough and cost effective course on the market for resolving depression and anxiety naturally. But if you're not completely satisfied you have until 30 days after you purchase the course to let us know. Simply send us an email and we'll refund your money, no further questions asked.

Here's everything that you get today...

  • Module 1: Welcome to Real Relief ($97 value)

  • Module 2: Optimise your diet ($197 value)

  • Module 3: Address food sensitivities ($197 value)

  • Module 4: Support gut health ($197 value)

  • Module 5: Treat nutritional deficiencies ($397 value)

  • Module 6: Moving Forward ($97 value)

  • BONUS #1: The Real Relief Foundations Workbook ($29 value)

  • BONUS #2: The Real Relief Real Food Planner ($49 value)


  • BONUS #3: Exclusive LIVE Q&A sessions with Dr Janelle Sinclair each month for 6 months ($589 value)

  • FAST ACTION BONUS: The Real Relief Supplement Guide ($297 value)

Total Value: $2,146



But today, you're getting all of this...






(or 3 monthly payments of $118.80)

Here's to your success to living a happier, healthier and medication-free life.

Dr Janelle Sinclair, PhD

Biochemist & Natural Medicine Practitioner


PS - If you're sick and tired of depression and anxiety and want to learn to treat it naturally, then “Real Relief Foundations” is the solution you've been looking for. 


Get started today!