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Janelle Sinclair
Dream Interpreter

Orange Clouds

Dreams are...
Divine Intelligence sending us wisdom.

Dreams are such a gift. They provide us with wisdom and guidance for our lives bypassing the intellect and speaking straight to our heart. During our waking hours, we're often so rushed and out of touch with our spirit and intuition, but when we sleep the Spirit of Truth can speak personally to us.


Our dreams can reveal warnings to heed, life direction to follow, inner healing to attend to and our life destiny to discover and celebrate. As a natural medicine practitioner specialising in mental health, I've discovered that we not only need to nurture ourselves physically and emotionally, but spiritually too. Paying attention to our dreams and discovering their hidden wisdom, is a powerful personal way to grow spiritually.


Over the last couple of years I have discovered the joy of dreams, and the gift of dream interpretation. Having studied dream symbology extensively and receiving revelations from the Spirit of Truth, I'd love to help you understand what your dreams are revealing to you too.

Jess Pantoja-Sanders

“Janelle has helped me understand and interpret not only my dreams but my children's too. She showed us that there were warnings,  directions and destiny hidden within them. After our interactions I always feel uplifted and hopeful for the future."

Zoey Penwarden

"I love Janelle's passion for people and her genuine interest in hearing their dreams. Whenever I have shared a dream, I feel valued by her. She respects the personal nature and dreams and has proven to be a trustworthy confidante. Janelle treats every dream as valuable and important. Her skill in understanding the messages within dreams is evident, and the interpretations she has shared with me have been incredibly encouraging and filled with wisdom."

Elma Tietie 

“Janelle is a gentle and considerate person. She's always been very spot on every time she's interpreted my dreams. She's a wonderful and trustworthy soul.”

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