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Dr Janelle Sinclair is a thought leader in the field of functional medicine and mental health.

Need help for anxiety or depression?
Book an appointment with Dr Janelle

Dr Janelle offers one-on-one consultations via zoom to people both in New Zealand and around the world.


What We Offer

To find out more about Dr Janelle's one-on-one consulting, her ebook and other free resources click on the icons below.

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Need help with your mental health? Then have a one-on-one appointment with

Dr Janelle.


Check out our comprehensive free online courses about vitamins for depression and anxiety, and natural remedies for sleep!


Have you completed

Dr Janelle's Real Relief Foundations Masterclass course and need some supplement recommendations?

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Learn about the four Underlying causes of depression and anxiety that so regularly go overlooked in

Dr Janelle's ebook now.

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